Weather Wiz Kids

Weather Wiz Kids is an educational resource for elementary and middle school students, teachers, and parents that will help children learn about weather. It gives teachers and parents tools to explain different types of weather and weather conditions (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts) to children. The website has user-friendly weather information, experiments, flashcards, games, jokes, and a career corner. To fund Weather Wiz Kids, some webpages have advertising.

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Women in STEM

This is a resource of This online guide introduces matters surrounding women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields and serves as a resource for girls and young women who are interested in pursuing STEM careers. The resource includes in-depth research and interviews covering the most popular degrees for women currently entering a STEM field, universities that conduct outreach to K-12 students, female STEM pioneers and experts in the field, and scholarships for women in STEM. Students, teachers, and parents can use this information for career and college guidance in STEM fields.

Learn more is not just another worksheet site full of static documents. On this site the users get to choose what goes into their worksheet. Every “generator” has options to make personalized worksheets, save them, and make them again. Depending on the topic, users can control different aspects such as the problem difficulty, the kinds of problems asked, and even the appearance of the page. The worksheets downloaded from are made just for the users and has resources for grades K-12. In order to access some of the features of this website, users must create a free account.

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