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Harnessing the Scientific Spirit to Improve Learning

Organization: Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement; North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Date: 2009
Description: These audio webcasts, also known as podcasts, are the centerpiece of a series of professional development materials. The podcasts, and the accompanying audio clips and Web text, focus on developing a better understanding of the scientific movement in education to improve learning. The series discusses using scientifically based research and assessments to increase student achievement and includes the following titles:
  • Program #1. An introduction to basing our practice on better evidence
  • Program #2. Changing the nature of the education conversation
  • Program #3. Trends in using measurement to improve learning
  • Program #4. Monitoring what gets taught: insuring an adequate opportunity to learn
  • Program #5. Making science usable — engineering evidence-based knowledge into lessons and learning
  • Program #6. Comparing ourselves — honestly — with the best
  • Program #7. Using shared assessments to unpack standards and compare instruction
  • Program #8. Making mistakes and moving beyond them is in the scientific spirit

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