Soaring to new heights
SDHC.K12.FL.US. Staff. December 07, 2020.

More than three years have passed since Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School was devastated by a fire after Hurricane Irma in 2017. It has been a long, emotional journey for the students, teachers, and staff, but this holiday season brings them the gift of coming home. The newly built campus on Columbus Avenue is almost ready for student and staff arrival. Contractors are finishing up final details on campus, deliveries are coming in by the truckload while teachers are getting familiar with the grounds and setting up their classrooms. Builders and architects worked hard to preserve the historical legacy that is important to the school community while adding modern and innovative elements to enhance student learning.

"This is home; this is my safe place. This is where I feel welcome, and all of us teachers here give that feeling to our kids as well. Seeing everything gone was a lot and really sad," said Meagan Gallogly, a second-grade teacher at Tampa Heights.

Time has healed the sadness. Although bittersweet, there is excitement and anticipation in the air since the day students, teachers, and families get to come home is almost here.

The first thing that came out of Ms. Gallogly's mouth when she saw the new campus was, "this is amazing, incredibly beautiful and breathtaking—there are no other words for it."

Her new classroom is located in the same area as her classroom before the fire. She is eager to welcome her students back and knows it is going to be a good thing.

The Tampa Heights Navigators will walk through the doors of their new school on January 4, 2021.

Tampa Heights is a one of a kind Magnet School in our district.

Their mission is to develop a diverse culture where every child will succeed. Teachers and staff work hard each day to empower students to be global leaders who will discover their place in the world and positively affect it by being reflective learners, compassionate communicators, innovators, and charitable contributors.

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