COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum


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Your magnet teachers bring a wealth of content and pedagogical knowledge to the classroom, but they may need leadership and guidance to re-envision instruction through the lens of a magnet theme. As a magnet project director, you can work with support teams, such as a Facilitation TeamThe Facilitation Team may include the project director, the school principal, school-level instructional leaders, and representatives from various content areas; it serves as the site-based hub for communication and coordination of the theme integration work. , to help teachers enrich the existing, standards-based curriculum with theme-related learning opportunities.

Curriculum mapping will be the first step toward building an ongoing, collective teacher practice that focuses on integrating the magnet theme into a rigorous and relevant curriculum. The work you and your teachers do will help you meet the needs of your students and realize the potential of your magnet program.

The five lessons in this course provide activities and customizable tools to guide and support the use of curriculum mapping to integrate a magnet school’s theme. The strategies discussed here represent one possible approach to theme-based curriculum integration. Modify these procedures, tools, and instruments as needed to better serve your site’s specific needs.

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  • Identify the curriculum integration design, Pilot Team, and implementation timeline
  • Guide the Pilot Team as it integrates the theme into curriculum maps
  • Scale the theme integration through vertical alignment
  • Help teams leverage partnerships and envision theme integration in the classroom
  • Institute a cyclical process of revisiting, reflecting on, and refining the work