COURSE 1 Facilitating Magnet Theme Integration


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A successful magnet school requires a rigorous and coherent program built around a theme or instructional approach that is thoughtfully integrated into teaching and learning. This can happen only when teachers, school leaders, students, parents, and the community have a common understanding of the theme and vision, as well as a clear action plan for implementation.

In this course, five lessons offer strategies to help you facilitate four school-based theme integration teams. The framework and customizable tools can support and guide your work. Place your cursor on each button below to read more about the lessons, and click on the one you want to read first.

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  • Leading
    Theme Integration

    The Facilitation Team–a leadership team–supports the work of all the theme integration teams.

  • Assessing Theme

    The Magnet School Identity Team assesses magnet theme visibility and branding within the school and the surrounding community.

  • Creating Theme
    Integration Teams

    Think strategically when recruiting staff for theme integration teams–each focuses on a specific aspect of theme integration.

  • Leveraging
    Theme-Related Practices

    The Curriculum Connections Team can identify existing theme-based practices to be scaled up, and start to address perceived barriers to implementation.

  • Connecting Theme,
    Students, and Community

    The Community Connections Team investigates how to strengthen current partnerships and find new opportunities to deepen and enrich teaching and learning.


  • Improve magnet visibility in the community
  • Assess level of theme integration in the curriculum
  • Leverage partnerships within the community
  • Create an action plan for ongoing theme integration


  • Your program may have a designated magnet project director, district-level director, or other magnet program leader. In these lessons, magnet project director refers to all possible roles concerned with leading a magnet program.
  • The strategies and ideas offered here provide support for many aspects of theme integration. Lessons are presented in a suggested sequence (see the navigation panel in the left column); every school can choose its entry point according to program development and readiness.
  • The lessons are designed to build magnet staff capacity by distributing leadership and leveraging existing skills, interests, and knowledge.