Every magnet project develops at its own pace and operates within the unique context of its local education agency. At any time, magnet staffs and schools may have different informational and resource needs. To accommodate these differences, the MSAP Center uses a four-tiered approach to designing and delivering Technical Assistance, described here.


  • Individual Services

    Individual Services

    Through one-on-one assistance from expert consultants and MSAP Center staff, an individual MSAP grantee receives customized support to help implement and manage its magnet program.
  • Intensive Services

    Intensive Services

    These services provide assistance with specific magnet content to groups of grantees. Technical Assistance may include sessions with expert consultants in combination with resources created by the MSAP Center, such as online courses and content-focused tools.

  • Targeted Services

    Targeted Services

    These services focus on specific groups of magnet staff, such as project directors, school administrators, and teachers, who each play different roles within their magnet programs. These services may be delivered at magnet conferences, webinars, and professional development seminars.

  • Global Services

    Global Services

    These Technical Assistance services reach the whole magnet school community through the MSAP Center website, where magnet staff can find professional development events and resources, research-based information, and tools from a variety of sources.