Technical Assistance Toolkits

These toolkits are designed to guide MSAP grantees through implementation of key magnet components. Each toolkit contains explanatory guidance as well as tools grantees can use to ensure successful program implementation. The toolkits can also be used as professional development resources for magnet staff.

MSAP Development Framework image

Magnet School Development Framework

The Magnet School Development Framework helps LEA and school personnel understand what is involved in designing, planning, and implementing a magnet school and how the school will evolve over time to achieve desired outcomes. It includes a conceptual model and actions to take across the different stages of magnet school development. Reviewing this guide will enable the user to understand how the elements of successful magnet schools shape the core magnet school components in each stage of development.

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Magnet School Development Framework PDF

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Using Logic Models to Build Strong Magnet Programs

Understanding and creating effective logic models is a key part of magnet program design, and is foundational to successful program implementation, evaluation, and sustainability. This guide introduces program theory concepts, shows how to develop program theory, details the steps for creating the logic model, and provides tools to help you create your logic model.

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Using Logic Models Guidance PDF
Using Logic Models Tools PDF
Using Logic Models Tools DOC

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Student Recruitment

This toolkit provides guidance on how to target magnet school marketing and recruitment activities to meet Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) minority group isolation objectives. When you know your recruitment targets, understand your audience, build assessment into marketing campaigns, and collect and analyze data, your MSAP project can achieve its goals of diversity, excellence, and equity. The toolkit includes a calculator that will help you define your targets.

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Student Recruitment Tools DOC
Student Recruitment Calculator EXCEL
Student Recruitment Examples of Completed Tools PDF
Student Recruitment Guidance PDF

Planning for sustainablity image

Planning for Sustainability

This toolkit provides magnet staff with the information and resources necessary to create a written sustainability plan that covers all aspects of sustainability. The toolkit also provides timelines for implementing the sustainability plan and tools for determining the cost of all program components that must be sustained.

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Planning for Sustainability Tools DOC
Planning for Sustainability Guidance PDF

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Personal Device Initiatives

As magnet schools integrate more technology use into their theme-based curricula, they may consider initiatives that provide each student with a personal technology device. These initiatives not only increase technology integration, but they also increase student engagement and academic achievement. This planning brief provides a step-by-step guide for the successful implementation of personal device initiatives in magnet schools, including vision, considerations, and implementation strategies.

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Personal Device Initiatives Guidance PDF